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I’ve Got Friends in Low Places…

Listen to this…

And boy do I …

So once upon a time, I was a regular at a wine bar here in Dijon, France. I was sooooo regular that I had to change my _________. (If you are thinking what I know you want to think, you are sick) But then again I am sick for leaving that blank. Anyways long story short, my boyfriend, Frenchman, and I became all buddy-buddy with the barman Romain. We were quite sad/happy the day he told us he was leaving to open his own wine bar in Beaune. It was bittersweet because now we were not going to get the hookups at our local watering-hole ;) but we were very happy because he was getting a place to call his own. Beaune isn’t all that far, about 40 minutes driving, but it is far enough that we can’t stumble there and back on a weekend night. So a few weeks back we made the trip to go visit his new acquisition. Very cool!

The bar is called …

Here is the owner, Romain. (Pronounced…Row-Mon)

It is a casual feeling wine bar with a “little bit of this and a little of that” to decorate the place. The laid back feeling was very welcoming. Here is a recon video for you…

Here are some recon photos I took.

If that is not an awesome bar decoration, I don’t know what is….

Romain is such a goober, that’s why we love him =)

This one was my “money shot”

We guzzled down a 2007 Domaine Paul Jacqueson “LES CLOUX” Premier Cru from Rully. I found this description of it on the internet:

“This domaine has long been recognized as one of the finest in the Cote Chalonnaise and its wines adorn the lists of many of Frances finest restaurants. Extremely proficient winemaking and judicious use of new oak make for beautifully crafted, ripe, intense wines which have the class to belie their origins. Their wines are lightly fined but not filtered

Now if that description does not make me look snooty for drinking that wine….I want a refund!

Better yet, get this other one I found on this wine:

Tasting Notes: Vibrant red fruit aromas, with the distinctive hardwood-forest-after-rain character of the best red Rully wines. Full-bodied, with fine tannins and a lingering finish.
Serve With: Enjoy with cheeses, roasted game-birds and rich, flavorful dishes including beef burgundy.

It’s a good thing I ordered this wine to pair with ME…..cause I may not be rich, but I certainly am a “flavorful dish” (heavy emphasis on flavorful =P)

And I am curious about the “distinctive hardwood-forest-after-rain” character …. as opposed to softwood? I feel waaaaay in-over-my-head here =P

The partners in crime….

Me and Frenchman =D

I WILL have some “CHEESE!!” with my wine.

Got to try a bit of this wine…..it is a white wine made in Saint Bris AOC. It is the only Burgundy AOC that allows Sauvignon in the wines. Here is the wikipedia article on Saint-Bris.

Which one is the goober?
(You get bonus points if you said both of us)

So we decided to leave Bar du Square and check out another Beaune attraction. But first we had to go through the “FOG OF NO RETURN”

Scary much?

Quick stop for a photo opp!

Finally inside “Le Pickwick”. It is the only bar in Beaune that is open past 2am. They close at 5am, and it is the place to be seen in this little village.

Well, except him…..hahaha

There are flags all over the place….

AND THEY HAVE THE TEXAN FLAG!!!!!! You know you are in good hands here!!

Lady in Red…..

I’m a sucker for “the Widow”

After doing some damage, we went to say Good Night and Good Luck to our friend Romain. If you ever find yourself in Beaune….stop and have a few glasses of wine. Tell Romain I sent you!

Romain, if you’re reading this….we wish you all the luck with your new wine bar. It is a top notch place and very welcoming! So happy for you! We luv ya Man!!

Vinously Speaking & Vinously Yours
The Ceci Sipper

2 thoughts on “I’ve Got Friends in Low Places…

  1. Merci beaucoup pour cet article qui me donne chaud au coeur!Good job lady!Hope see ya soooooooonnnnn!Bisous Rom du Square

  2. Bien Sur!!! We are definitely coming back to see you! We had so much fun last time and your new wine bar is awesome!! Miss you! Bisous!

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