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Let’s Talk Decor; Vinously Chic Decor Shall We?

Let’s go there – into the realms of your surroundings.  Your environment.  I personally am predisposed to keep my surroundings aesthetically pleasing.  Our vision can be stimulated by the most interesting, beautiful things.  Why not intrigue this sense all the time?

I can’t resist to merge the likes of wine and home furnishings.  We shall go there now, with the help of my friend and very talented interior designer, Crystal Carpentar.  Crystal owns Studio Two Twelve , in which you can indulge in the ultimate urban chic home furnishings or the talents of her eye by refreshing an entire room under her guidance.  Either way, you are guaranteed to take ‘aesthetically pleasing’ to a whole new level.

I shared with Crystal, my tasting notes for a few Calistoga wines I tasted recently.  She in turn, sent me a few furnishings that merge well with the characteristics of the wine.

Let’s go on a design adventure, shall we?

We shall start with the 2009 Calistoga Sauvignon Blanc that must be sipped while sitting in this amazing multi-color vibrant chair.  Can you imagine yourself soaking in some citrus on your palate while relaxing in this vibrant chair?  I think it just may be a sense of perfection.   This wine is from Napa Valley and has a straw yellow color with a nose of lemon and a palate with hints of citrus.  It is very well balanced, crisp and light. 



Next we shall take a stroll with a lovely Chardonnay, also a 2009 Calistoga from Napa.  This wine has a nose with oak and nut.  The palate exudes lots of oak and apple – a typical Californian Chard.  This wine derseves a piece reminiscent of nature.   Cyrstal chose this amazing chandlier to represent this wine.




Next, we shall venture to the 2009 Calistoga Cabernet Sauvignon. The color exudes a rich, ruby red.  The nose offers a fruit forward goodness with raspberry and jam.  The palate offers up raspberry, black currants, and hints of chocolate.  The bright desk below bodes well for this libation. 




It’s fun to acknowledge that we all have distinct, different tastes – when it comes to fashion, wine, food, decor, music, etc.  You can probably take a stroll through all of the Vinously Chic posts and note that I myself highlight items that speak to my personal style and tastes.  It’s natural.  And, I’m finding that it is quite fun to become aware of the tendencies in which our preferences in wine merge with other areas of our life.  Because, if you are a hard core oenophile like me, these things come to mind more oftern than not. 

On an ending note, I will tout that Crystal is amazing.  Just look at one of these rooms from her portfolio – this is a personal favorite of mine.  I love the subdued tones that form the foundation of the room, and then the refreshing POP of color.  It’s amazing. 


To see more of Crystal’s portfolio, see the Studio Two Twelve Design website and visit the facebook page.  Happy perusing.  Enjoy your aesthetic surroundings and your vino!  Cheers!


Voguishly Yours,

Melissa Unsell




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