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…..Movin’ on up! Nothing to stop me!!

Vinous Readers….WAHOO!!! Vinously Speaking is even more official than before!!

I was added to Wineblogger.info which is a website database of wine blogs of all languages, locations and topics. You can check out where I am added at this link. I believe it is in alphabetical order so, I am at the bottom. I am under the “General Wine Blog” Category. I think they should add a category for ‘humoristic’ wine blogs and stick me under there =P, but for now I am just peachy being on the site. For anyone searching for a wine blog in other languages or ones with specific categories, this is the website to go to =)

Once again, you Vinous Folks rock my world!! It’s all y’alls fault that I am MOVING ON UP!! =P

Oh! AND did I mention that Vinously Speaking will be celebrating it’s ONE YEAR Blog-iversary on March 9th!?!?! I cannot believe it has been one year already! Here is a link to my very first post! I need to buy something special to toast with on March 9th!! And go buy yourself something to toast with too, cause you have been a HUGE part of this first year and all the success it has brought!! We should have a webcam toast party or sumthin’ !!

Ok, off to bed to have some vinous dreams!

Vinously Speaking & Vinously Yours
The Ceci Sipper

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