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as The Ceci Sipper!!

AHHHH!! I can barely contain my excitement!!


Here is the link to read the interview.

I was interviewed, via an email Q&A by Sacre Bleu Wine. You can follow them on facebook and twitter as well!

About Sacre Bleu:

From their facebook fan page:
Sacre Bleu may be a classic term, but it’s a modern drink. It’s trendy and artistic, created for wine drinkers of the same personality. It’s the casual sophistication of a night out on the town at a jazz concert or gallery opening. It’s the much-needed laughter during a nightcap with friends after a long day on the job. It’s the maturity of a dinner party in your first place. The creative atmosphere of Chile’s finest wine regions are captured in every bottle of Sacre Bleu. Pour out simple sophistication at any occasion with Sacre Bleu.
From their website about their wines:
One hundred and sixty miles from Santiago, in the hills of the Maule Valley where the climate is perfect for grape growing, Sacre Bleus beautiful wines are brought from the vineyards. It’s an area where sustainable and sensitive growing practices are employed, in all aspects of wine making.
Their Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon offers a unique combination of New World and Old World flavors. The best examples combine modern, fruit-driven personalities with nuances of earth, minerals and spice. Their Sauvignon Blanc is crisp, quite intense and very aromatic, combing the zesty citrus fruits and herbaceous characteristics. It is has nice acidity and a fruit forward essence that is decidedly fun and tropical.

For all you Texans out there:
Their Chilean Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon will be featured in Texas at Central Market on June 15th.

THANKS SACRE BLEU !!! You shall go down in Vinously Speaking History, and one day, when it’s created, the Vinously Speaking Hall of Fame as MY FIRST OFFICIAL INTERVIEW! WOOHOO!!!!

Vinously Speaking & Vinously Yours,
The Ceci Sipper

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