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Sustenio Makes its Debut!

By Vinously Chic aka Melissa Unsell

A new restaurant arrives in our city to delight us in the goodness of food, beverages, atmosphere, and service.  Any San Antonio foodie might agree that we can exhaust our resources somewhat easily.   That’s why it’s pleasing to see Stephan Pyles (Dallas-based Chef) stake roots in San Antonio with Sustenio.  David Gilbert is the Executive Chef and Philippe Place is the General Manager.

Sustenio will officially open on February 4th, 2012 and is located in the new Eilan Hotel Resort and Spa in La Cantera.

Vinously Speaking enjoyed a sneak preview of the Southwestern delights.  Prepare to indulge.

As you drive into the massive multi-use complex of Eilan, you find yourself meandering up a long brick parkway and greeted by a massive fountain, followed by a stately staircase.  As you proceed up the stairs and into Sustenio, you are escorted to the bar for a pre-dinner cocktail.  Some of the specialty libations offered are the Ginger Posmo and the  Balsamic Strawberry Martini.



After whetting with your palate with a cocktail, you are escorted to the chic dining room and presented with an Amuse-Bouche – a fried oyster with southwestern spices and chili.

As you peruse the menu, you are sure to be delighted with the offerings – a great list of Ceviches, Appetizers, and Main Courses!

You may decide to start with a sampling of three Ceviches: Lobster with Mango and Basil, Sea Bass with Avocados and Tomatillos, and Black Drum with Smoked Corn and Hoja Santa.


The salad and appetizer portion of the meal has something for everyone – you’ll find offerings such as the Southwestern-style Caesar Salad, the Beet Salad and even a Seared Foie Gras with Corn Pudding Tamal, Pineapple Mole and Canela Dust.



Moving on to the main course – you’ll find yourself testing your decision-making skills.  Should you opt for the Red Snapper Tamal with Thai Curry Masa, Clay Pot Black Beans, Salsa Veracruzana, and Caramelized Banana?


Or, how about the Coriando Cured Rack of Lamb with Ecuadorian Potato Cake, Tomatilla Green Beans and Cranberry Mojo?

Or, perhaps you’ll choose the Beef Tenderloin with Modern Chiles en Nogada.

And if that is not enough – you still have a dessert course to endure!  The Artisan Cheese Plate is delicious.

If you’re craving the sweet stuff, opt for the doughnuts and coffee or the Banana Creme-Brulee Tostada.


At the end of the meal, you will find yourself reflecting on the satiable treats you just endured as well as the superb service and decadent atmosphere.  Ceci and I were pleased to see Stephan Pyles calmly making the rounds and checking in with his team.  I was also pleasantly surprised to see a familiar face in the kitchen – John Herdman as Executive Sous Chef.

As you dine, you can watch the masters of food through the clear glass walls as they prepare your meal.  You can also dine at the community table that sits in the middle of all the action.



You must plan your visit soon and tell Philippe that Vinously Speaking sent you!  Prepare to indulge and be blown away.  Cheers!

Just for fun, below are other photos from the evening – including decor and the grounds of Eilan.





3 thoughts on “Sustenio Makes its Debut!

  1. So very glad that y’all savored the experience that is Sustenio! Chef Stephan Pyles, Chef David Gilbert and GM Philippe Place’s shared vision of modern Southwestern cuisine will make its’ mark on San Antonio, Texas and the Nation, in due time. Also good to see up and coming local talent cutting their teeth, so to speak, in this wonderful place.

    I named the place last year, having come up with the name Sustenio after a good bit of thought last year.



  2. We have now been on two occasions and love it.
    Look out Houston, LA, New York, Chicago, Austin and Dallas, ………….. SA is now driving the bus in the big boy restaurant market.

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