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Unique Wine Finds!

By Melissa Unsell 


I enjoy finding treasures that don’t exist in the mass market – with a retail market that’s inundated with clutter and ads, I find it refreshing to cut through the haze and find something unique and well-made.

For example, I absolutely love this San Germano Pinot Noir.

This is one special wine indeed.  It is the only blend of PREPHYLOXERA PINOT NOIR red wine in the world.  The Pinot Noir grapes are harvested from the historic Italian vineyard, called “Cavour’s Vineyard”.  It is about 2000 square meters with four rows of prephyloxera vines from Burgundy planted in 1835, with the other vineyard having twenty year old Pinot Noir vines.

This was a treat for my palate, with supple notes of blueberry and a structured finesse of layered fruit.


Another unique find is brought to you by the Pedro Ximinez varietal.  Typically, you’ll find Pedro Ximinez as a sweet, fortified wine .  I happened to pick up a bottle made in 1979 (the year of my birth) to celebrate my 30th Birthday.  This style is almost pure black in color and a great end to any dinner.

However, I was pleasantly surprised to discover another expression of this grape – a white wine that lends itself to a crisp refreshness – great for an aperitif!  The Martino Old Vine  – PX is a great choice for this style, especially if your palate enjoys citrus flavors.


Not only were these fun finds for me, but they did not break-the-bank.  A major bonus!





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