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Welcome Back Party & Pirata Night!

So I am back on the European side of the pond…but I still owe you all my recap of the wine I enjoyed during my State-Side visit!

I have a friend, his name is Andy Ortega, and he is OBSESSED with pirates! I think he actually maybe a legit pirate. Anywho, I know this amazing wine called “Pirata” (spanish for Pirate, for those of you who missed the bus) and it was a MUST for me to bring this wine to share with my pirate-aholic friend, Andy. The maker of ‘Pirata‘ is a virtual friend of mine and also has his own blog dedicated to this wine and the people who drink it and the places it is drunk, so these pictures are for you IVO! He also has (The links for “Pirata” above are to a previous entry that I appeared in on IVO’s other blog about his wine adventures and thoughts, and the “his own blog” link is to the pirata wine blog! So get your hands on a bottle and send him some pictures of where his wine is being drank!) And definitely get your hands on this wine because……ARGGGGGGH TIS A MIGHTY FINE BREW!!!! And FYI, IVO posts in English, French and Spanish so look for the language you prefer =)


Correct me if I am wrong IVO, but his wine is made from 2 vintages and is made in Cadaques, Spain. He named this wine for his friends, who all refer to themselves as ‘piratas’. I absolutely love the complexity this wine offers, the balance it has with both smell and taste. This is definitely made by someone who knows what they are doing!

So we started off our second night in San Antonio by having an Open House: Welcome Back Party. Naturally, as any night should begin we toasted with Pirata! A bunch of my good friends, family friends, sibling’s friends all turned out! We really got the house a rockin’ !!

Melissa came to visit me here in France in September! We had a blast!

Me and my dad, after a “few” glasses of wine!

After even more wine…..don’t ask.

Some FAB friends!!

After EVEN more glasses of wine. You know it is a good party when you can take a picture of yourself after falling onto the floor! Hahaha!

This post was a shout out to my virtual friend IVO and his amazing wine Pirata! Off to make some lunch and then off to my Masters in Wine Biz class. Today our class in “Customer Relationship Management and Project Management in the Wine Sector” with a professor from University of Delaware, Dr. John L. Kmetz.

Will be back soon to post some more recapping of wine I inhaled, er drank, on my US vacay!!

Vinously Speaking & Vinously Yours,
The Ceci Sipper!!

2 thoughts on “Welcome Back Party & Pirata Night!

  1. I am about to organise a tasting with Pirata, great pick and great man that is IVO! You should definitely come to this tasting.

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