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Who likes the opera?

I love the opera! My favorite one is the BARBERA of Seville…

Ok, I know it is really the BARBER of Seville, but I needed a catchy one liner to open this blog post. Heh… heh… heh. I now, I am corny. But that is why you love me so!

Anyways, this is a special post to promote a group of American bloggers that have been invited to be sort of ‘US Wine Ambassadors’ to the 2010 Barbera Wine Meeting. So what is this “Barbera Meeting”?? It sounds kinda major ‘slash’ secretive to be called the “Barbera Meeting” … so vague.

Apparently the “Godfather”, aka Jeremy P from the wine blog Do Bianchi (you ‘member, the Italian wine blog I linked to in my “Italian themed wine night” entry a while back?), was asked to put together a sort of wine blog Dream Team consisting of 9 other American wine bloggers to go to Asti, Piedmont, Italy and blog about this “meeting”.

On a more serious note, I think this was a great move by whoever is putting on this “Barbera Meeting”. Wine bloggers are becoming quite influential in the wine industry these days. I know I enjoy reading them! I love the different styles, themes, ways of describing and rating wine. To me, it is far more entertaining to read wine blogs that lots of other sources on wine. I think that other wine industry events should follow suit and contact wine bloggers (such as myself =D) to cover there events, if they aren’t already. I know there are some wine blogs that can be a bit….’snore’, but inviting wine blogs, with personality, a good/unique writing style, a bit of humor and above all honesty – that is the key. I didn’t know each of the wine blogs invited to the Barbera Meeting, but doing a quick scan and reading a few entries from each one, they all contain the qualities I described above and I can see why the “Godfather” chose them. As a newbie wine blogger, I hope to have these same characteristics show though in my blog. Hows this for the humor aspect?:

Ok, enough wine blog praising. Back to the “Meeting”

I tried to do some official-ish background research on what this “Meeting” was, but the websites were in Italian and I can speak all of 10 words in Italian. Sad, I know. My french that I picked up in my year and a half here, helped me grasp a bit, but needless to say I didn’t gather too much on the official Italian websites….but I did do some wine blog stalking and came up with this description:

The “Meeting” is from March 8-11 and they will be:
Barbera wine tasting,
wine scoring/ranking/describing,
Barbera wine tasting
, meeting Italian wine persona’s,
Barbera wine tasting
, eating some ridic Italian grub,
Barbera wine tasting
, surrounded by super Piedmont scenery,
Barbera wine tasting, blog back to us mouth-watering/semi-jealous readers and ….
Barbera wine tasting.

Oh did I mention they will be doing some wine tasting?

Anyways, if you are a wine lover, wine blogger reader, Italian wine lover, fellow wine blogger, etc. you can follow their group blog: Barbera Meeting 2010

Or you can follow each of the invited American wine bloggers on their respective wine blogs:

** On a side note…..
GODFATHER, aka Jeremy P, for future reference … Vinously Speaking is totally willing to be an American Wine Blogger Ambassador. So feel free to put Vinously Speaking Wine Blog on any waiting list. =P

Also for all you Texans out there, you should be proud, cause Jeremy P is an Austinite!


Vinously Speaking & Vinously Yours
The Ceci Sipper

5 thoughts on “Who likes the opera?

  1. thanks for the shout out! :-) Me and Tracie P will look forward to drinking some Barbera with you when you get back to San Antone… in the meantime, blog on sistah! ;-)

    seriously, thanks for the shout out and sharing the blogiliciousness of it all… :-)

  2. Of course Dr P. =) I cannot tell you how excited I am to meet you and Mrs P. in the near future and share some great wine and great conversation! I see a new friendships on the horizon!

    I wish you all the best in Italy, I have no doubt you are having an outrageous time there! Glad to send a shout out for you and the other great wine bloggers!


    And I agree with Alfonso! BRING HOME THE GOLD!!

  3. Thank you very much Jo! I spent a good while on your blog yesterday too after coming across it from doing some research on a paper I am writing. I enjoyed reading your blog and already added you to my 'must read wine blogs'!

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