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Will Walk 4 Wine

Man, I better have lost a few pounds here at ProWein! You have to W-A-L-K!! To go from one side to the other is like participating in a walk-a-thon, only instead of people donating money to your cause, they donate wine! This is the last day of ProWein so I must take complete advantage of it! Maybe I will score a few free bottles since it is my birthday ;)

Anywho, I am here in the Press Center uploading photos and videos for you to get a feel of the scope of ProWein, make you feel like you are here with me, and also to prove that I am walking as much as I am saying. Sorry this post is photo heavy and not so many words, but I must take advantage of the last day here. I am visiting the New World wine hall today to explore those wines. Yesterday was the Old World wine hall. I hope you enjoy the photo/video journey. The photos are from both yesterday and little bit from this morning.

How would you like to take this to your next party? “Check out my cool party trick folks!”

This photo is for my Dad, the BBQ master!!!

Aww the cork man is sad =( I know it is the last day of ProWein, but don’t cry, there is another ProWein next year!

Can they give me this bottle for my birthday?

Hope you enjoyed!!!
Chat with you soon!!

Vinously Speaking & Vinously Yours,
The Ceci Sipper

2 thoughts on “Will Walk 4 Wine

  1. Hi, it was nice to meet you at ProWein monday (blogger meeting). I've subscribed to your blog – looks good.

  2. Hello Antje! Yes! It was very nice to meet you at ProWein as well! I look forward to keeping in touch! And thank you for subscribing to my wine blog! Hope you enjoy! I will use google translate to read your site and keep up with you as well! (I didn't pick up enough German at ProWein =P)

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