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Wine and Fashion Trends: When to Follow and When to Stand Your Own

By Melissa Unsell, of Vinously Chic

I will openly and proudly admit that I am privy to fashion trends and tend to follow most of them. I can also attest to standing my ground and forgoing what industry insiders have proclaimed as the next big thing. Knowing your style is important, and sticking to your overall signature look is always key. People that know me well have learned (and seen) that my style is classic and demure. I always stick to this overall theme, while trying to push myself away from my norm (most times that is)!

This thing we call ‘fashion trends’ got my mind reeling regarding wine trends. Just like fashion, wine is a libation worthy of marketing banter and proclamations that make oenophiles swoon. Much like a write-up in InStyle Mag (my style bible), a score from a certain wine expert, or a feature by Wine Spectator (my wine bible) can cause a wine to fly off the shelves.

There are several factors and influencers that have their mainstake is pushing these trends, and that’s where I want to challenge you. Take the time to explore outside of the norm and find a hidden treasure. It’s ok to step outside of your box because you always jump back in. Industry “insiders” are great and all, but I believe in the power of the consumer. As consumers, we have the choice to stray from the trends and push the envelope for ourselves.

I’m interested to learn from you how you react to wine trends. Do you let wine ratings dictate your purchases, or something you read about in an industry magazine? Maybe you let your microsphere of friends and fellow oenophiles dictate your purchases. And quite realistically, I’m sure it’s a combination of all things above.

Either way, I hope you live fashionably and keep your palate saturated with that great libation we call wine. Keep exploring and find your hidden treasure.

Voguishly Yours, Melissa Unsell

2 thoughts on “Wine and Fashion Trends: When to Follow and When to Stand Your Own

  1. Hi, great post. I go by what tastes good. The only trend that I am interested in is natural and or biodynamic wines that taste good. They have to taste good. I also find that often wines from smaller wineries can be more interesting and better crafted and therefore taste better, not always but often. Keep flying your flag high girls, I love everything that you do and tell everyone from San Antonio I meet and folks here in Austin too about you and your amazing business and blog. Besos Dea xoxo

  2. Thanks for the love and support Dea! We really appreciate it :)

    As for my wine, and my “fashion” choices, I think I was born with metaphorical blinders :P I think the only thing that persuades me to seek out a wine or an outfit is if it is obscure, unique, unknown, you get the picture. I’ve always been that ‘out of the box’ kinda person.

    Interesting thought though for a post Melissa. That would be neat to write a post where we select various types of people, the fashions they wear, and/or their personality features and then link them to the way they choose their wines

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