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Wine & Hobbies Pairing

One night….I suddenly had the urge to do a wine pairing….

and not with FOOD…..
drumroll please…..

There really are no words for how miraculous of a pairing this made. But I needed witnesses…(also i needed some materials, friends with stinky old socks, and unlucky victims to heavily intoxicate)

So I called up “Patchwork Socks Paul”

and “P’Jamma Socks Jenn”

and “Darn A Sock Dru”

and my little brother. He was the D.D.

as in designated dork. =P

Well the first rule in pairing wine with sock puppet making is: DRINK A LOT OF WINE to draw inspiration for designing your sock puppet and also to create a matching sock puppet character…

I am going to be a bad wine blogger and just let the pictures do all the talking here. I have to admit, my goal this night was to do more drinking than tasting… I did manage to remember to take pictures of the back labels so I should get some points for that. I will say that all the wines inhaled this night were not too shabby.

“Wines Inhaled for Wine Pairing with Sock Puppet Making”

Why is the first wine the a vague memory to me? Perhaps it was because I knew it was going to be a long a arduous wine journey?

I liked this one, it was different than what I usually drink. It kinda shook things up a bit.

Oooooo. Give me Tempranillo any day. Luckily my parents have red carpet in the room we were drinking in because I am pretty sure I spilled this wine numerous times….damn wine buzz =P

Mmmm. This one was nice to me. You know….Mirassou…..when read, sounds like “mira su” in spanish…..so if we say “mira su vino”….it means “look at your wine” …. WOW… that was deep man.

Don’t knock this Beringer…it gets the job done!

Me + Chilean Wine = WineGASM

My friend “Patchwork Sock Paul” brought this Disen’yo wine. I may have had a buzz that could seriously harm an inexperienced wine driner, but this wine was gOOOOOd! Its G’oooooooD!

Aww cute, Little Chica wine. Can’t remember this wine, but the name is cute enough to try again. And not to mention I love S. American wines in general, so….

It was all about making it to the finish line at this point….. Must revisit this wine. haha

This was coincidentally the last wine served that night…..hiccup, hiccup…..drinking a wine that matched my walking style at that moment. How poetic.

Proof that we made sock puppets….

My final work of art….a french man. [Insert rough french laugh]

His name is Jean-Baptiste Pierre Dupont III

Yes folks. My 3 friends, my parents, and myself inhaled a grand total of 10 bottles of wine in one night and managed to make sock puppets. We are beasts. End of Story.

Vinously Speaking & Vinously Yours,
The Ceci Sipper

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