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I’ve been drinking box wine

Big House Red Wine 3L Box
Moral of the post ... not all box wine is yucky! They may have started out with wine that is not up to par for many of us, but as the wine industry moves to more eco-friendly practices you will be seeing more wineries offering their best wines in bags, boxes, plastic bottles, and tetra paks, so do your vinous part to be green, I know I am!

By Vinously Speaking aka Veronique Cecilia Barretto

I was recently sent a box of wine to sample. And I’ve been drinking it ?!

I know what you are thinking …  box wine !?

But worry not my VS readers, not all box wine is full of the cheap stuff.

Case in point … Big House Red Wine … in A 3L Bag in Box!

Big House Red Wine 3L Box

Yes, you read that right, three liters of wine!! Besides the fact that you are getting four bottles of wine in one container, do you want to know the best parts …

  • the wine in the box is the same wine you find in the Big House Red bottle
  • the wine stays fresh for 6 weeks once you ‘crack the tap’
  • it’s only $22 for the box (the bottles are $9.99 each)
  • the wine is actually decent
  • your healthy one glass of red wine a day is now easier and doesn’t require a wine vacuum
  • it’s perfect to take to BBQs, picnics, beach trips, camping trips, tailgate parties, etc.
  • the packaging is more eco-friendly than four glass bottle (you reduce packaging waste by roughly 92% and carbon emissions by 55%)

As far as the smell and taste of the wine … even though it is from California, I would say it is reminiscent of a fruity, medium bodied Beaujolais Villages wine (which makes sense since portions of the blend underwent malolactic fermentation, the same process used to make wines in Beaujolais) This Big House Red is a blend of many different red varieties (mostly Grenache, Syrah, Tempranillo, Petite Verdot) and has a nose full of darker fruits and berries, hints of leather, spices, and floral notes with a kiss of vanilla. Whether you’re looking for a weeknight, easy drinking wine that will keep fresh for weeks, or you’re looking for a wine to take to a BBQ/picnic/camping trip, this is a wine to turn to. This bag in box is also available in their Big House White Wine.

Their website is very interactive and they even offer some tasty recipes to pair with their various wines. Here are the ones they offer to pair with the Big House Red Wine: Big House Red Sliders, Crockpot Crook BBQ Chicken, & Big House Red Lamb Lollipops with Mint Pesto and Yogurt Cucumber Dipping Sauce.
So moral of the post … not all box wine is yucky … as we move to more eco-friendly practices you will be seeing more wineries offering their wines in packaging similar to this, so start embracing it, I know I am!

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